1. Name

The name will be the Globe Vulcan Riders a local chapter of the Vulcan Riders Association. Hereafter referred to as the GVR.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the GVR is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for its members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging the participation of its members in activities by and or through democracy voting of the members to create a safe family oriented atmosphere.  The GVR will operate as a riding club and or association  to meet and ride with new friends along with interacting with fellow VRA chapters and members. Our goal is to meet and ride with new friends and to just have fun. The GVR board and members will honor and abide by the Regional, National and Association bylaws and the decisions of the National Chapter.

  1. Definitions
    1. Elected Officer – The following officers  must be a full member voted in to office per the voting majority of the members.
      • President – The President is the nominal head of the chapter and chairs all meetings.
      • Vice President – The Vice President, in general, assists the President and assumes the duties of President in the President’s absence on a short term basis. The Vice President will assume the role of Membership Officer until one is appointed.
      • Secretary – The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting and distributing a summary to the membership. The Secretary is accountable for the safe keeping of all records and other documents relating to the Association.
      • Treasurer – The Treasurer maintains an accurate record of the chapter’s finances. At each meeting, the Treasurer provides a treasury report with the chapter’s balance and all transactions since the last meeting.
    2. Appointed Officer – A member appointed by a majority of the Executive Committee to perform a duty of the chapter.
      • Sargent at Arms – Maintains order at all scheduled Chapter meetings and activities pertaining to GVR. Also oversees the safety and discipline of all member and board members per the bylaws of GVR. Sargent at Arms decision can only be overturned by motion and majority vote of the members.
      • Road Captain – Ensures all riders and rides are legal. Responsible for route planning. Leads rides or designates someone to lead rides.
      • Membership Officer – Responsible for membership growth, retention, unity, and cohesiveness among the members. Leads initiatives to find new members. Presents a membership report at each meeting.
      • Merchandise Officer – Coordinates the sales and purchases of logo merchandise.
      • Events Coordinator – Manages the chapter’s calendar of events, monitors Kawasaki dealer events and works with membership officer to promote growth of GVR.
    3. Executive Committee – The body of elected officers who manage GVR.
    4. General Committee – The body of elected and appointed officers.
    5. Membership:
      • Family Membership: Paid member which include spouse or significant other as  individual  riders  or passenger. Additional family member are required to buy an appropriate membership package.
      • Single Membership: A paid individual that has met any or all membership requirements.
      • Associate Membership: Members riding non-Vulcan motorcycles which includes any motor vehicle registered as a motorcycle. Associate membership will be available as either a Single Membership or a Family Membership.

All members can bring a guest passenger to participate in club rides and hang arounds.

  1. Membership
    1. Requirement for GVR full membership is a legal, running Kawasaki Vulcan of at least 500 cc. All riders must be insured and licensed, with a motorcycle endorsement, as required by the State of Arizona.
    2. Any member paying dues to the GVR will be considered a member of the GVR.
    3. All members are required to fill out an application and sign the liability waiver.
    4. Anyone interested in GVR can have 1 trial ride before membership.
  2. Safety
    1. In the event that a member behaves in any way detrimental and negative to the safety, discipline  and  wellbeing of any other member, or GVR in general, that member will receive a disciplinary warning, written reprimand, and or probation  at the discretion of Sargent at Arms or an elected officer according in the absence of Sargent at Arms per GVR guidelines.
    2. If the detrimental or unsafe behavior continues the GVR Executive Committee reserves the right to put that member on probation and may suspend them from participating in GVR activities, until the next Quarterly meeting.
    3. The GVR reserves the right to remove the suspension or terminate the membership of the member at the next quarterly or emergency meeting by a majority vote of a quorum of membership, see Voting.
  3. Voting
    1. The GVR will be conducted democratically by popular vote.
    2. All paid Vulcan membership will have one (1) vote.
    3. An Associate membership will have a vote.
    4. Any full member can request a vote by hidden ballot.
    5. A quorum of current paid membership must be present to vote.
    6. A quorum of members is defined as a General meeting where all membership has been invited by email or telephone allowing sufficient time as deemed by the Officers. The membership attending such a meeting will constitute a quorum.
  4. Officers
    1. The GVR will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer in an event of an officer is removed or step down a new election will be held as soon as possible.
    2. Only a full member may be elected to office or participate in a vote to elect officers.
    3. Officer elections will be held annually and by private ballot.
    4. Any officer may be removed by a majority vote of the General Committee and a quorum of membership.
    5. In the absence, removal and or vacancy of any officer, the Vice President will assume the role of that position temporarily until an election is done.
    6. Members can only hold one elected office but may also hold an appointed office.
  5. Quarterly Meetings
    1. The purpose of GVR meetings is to promote friendship, plan events and conduct the business of the chapter. Ensures all officers are fulfilling their up to date duties.
    2. Chapter general meetings will be scheduled quarterly and at regular intervals.
    3. When possible, GVR business will be conducted in person.
    4. Emergency meetings may be scheduled if necessary and approved by a majority of officers.
    5. Officers will have regular meetings that are intended to perform the business of the GVR.
  6. Finances
    1. Any funds acquired through dues, fundraisers, merchandise sales or other means will be banked in the name of the Globe Vulcan Riders.

All officers shall be listed as signers on the account.

    1. All checks shall have two signature lines and require the signature of two officers.
    2. The Treasurer will keep accurate records and all receipts of any monies received or spent.
    3. An audit committee will be appointed to review the chapter’s financial records prior to officer elections.

10. Dissolution

  1. If the GVR is dissolved for any reason, the assets and properties remaining after the settlement of all just debts will be donated to an organization with similar aims to as the GVR and/or to a recognized charity.
  2. The recipient organization will be determined by a majority vote of the members prior to dissolution. See Voting.
  1. Amendments
    1. Changes to the GVR bylaws can only be done through motion and majority vote of the Globe Vulcan Riders members. See Voting.
    2. Changes to the GVR bylaws will not conflict with the Association bylaws or the National bylaws.

   12. Dues – Membership dues are due on the one year anniversary of the membership enrollment

    1. Family dues shall be $30.00 – includes up to two (2) 4” VRA patches
    2. Single dues shall be $20.00 – includes one (1) 4” VRA patch
    3. Associate dues shall be the same as Single or Family Memberships – includes one (1) 4″ VRA patch per member (up to two members)
  1.  Election of Officers
      1. Any full member may be nominated to and hold an elected office. (Associate members are not eligible to hold office)
      1. A member may be considered for only one Officer Position per election year.
      1. Nominations may be made by any current GVR member or by self-nomination.
      1. Nominations may be made at any meeting, by email, web form, in writing to any elected GVR officer, or posted on the private membership forum currently in use by the GVR, during the month of July.
      1. The deadline for nominations and acceptance shall be prior to midnight July 31st of the current year.
      1. Nominees will be made aware of their nomination and a reply must be submitted, either to accept or reject the nomination prior to the deadline on GVR social media.
      1. A nomination must be accepted by the proposed candidate to be considered valid.
      1. A single statement may be submitted by any candidate relating to the candidate’s qualifications to hold the office to which he or she is nominated.
      1. The candidate statement must be posted on the private membership forum currently in use by the GVR.
      1. The submitted statement will remain on the forum until the elections are concluded.
      1. Printed ballots will contain all contested electable offices. Example: Randy Vulcan is the single nominee for Secretary; he will not appear on the election ballot. Example 2: Billy and Bobby are both nominated for Vice-President; both names will appear on the election ballot.
      1. Elections will be conducted at the first Quarterly meeting of the year for the GVR, with all votes cast being counted in public and the winners declared at the meeting.
      1. In the event of a tie vote, another written ballot vote must occur.
    1. In the event of a second tie vote the Sargent at Arms will have a coin toss to determine the selected officer.