NEW YEAR!  Start it off right by a GVR Ride!  This a West Ride and will be a hoot as always.  Starting at the infamous QT at Beardsley and 7th St, 19815 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85024, KSU 0900 AM, topped off fuel tanks are a must. Off we go to the north on I-17 to the 303.  Then it is the W Sun Valley Parkway where we will then continue down to Palo Verde Road and the Old US Hwy 80 to Gila Bend and AZ 85 to Ajo for some great chow at?  How about the Agave Grill? Bid Adieu to the group and wander the roads of Arizona or stay with the group.  It is always your call.   Well then, it is off to Maricopa and then back to the valley.

** A reminder, anyone can drop out of our rides for any reason at any time and take different routes back home if they so choose.  We just ask if you would post on Face Book (FB)  or let the Road Captain know you are home safe, so we don’t send the Cavalry out to find you. Remember this is still the Wild Wild West out here!