We will meet at eh QT at 7th Street and Beardsley, KSU at 8 am. 19815 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85024  We will go to I-17 and then the 303 to Bell Road and west on the Sun Valley Parkway to I-17.  From there, west to exit 103, North Hassayampa Road.  Turning west on Indian School road and then north on 355th Ave / Aguila Rd to Vulture Mine Road. We will be on Vulture mine road all the way to Hwy 60 and Wickenburg.  This is the meal stop and the 1st part of the ride will end here at the meal stop.  Keep checking back for the location of the meal stop. There is a special place for you to get a belly full of laughter and great chow. After the meal stop, an optional ride continuing to, by way of Yarnell Hill, Prescott and possibly Jerome, by way of Sedona.  Return route will be up to each rider.

  • A reminder, anyone can drop out of our rides for any reason at any time and take different routes back home if they so choose.  We just ask if you would post on Face Book (FB,  or let the Road Captain know you are home safe, so we don’t send the Cavalry out to find you. Remember this is still the Wild Wild West out here!