We will meet up at the Chevron at 3265 S Goldfield Rd, Apache Junction, AZ KSU 0800 AM.

We’ll head out east on the 60 to the 79 South which will put us on the 77 at Oracle Junction, following that south till we get to East River Road.  East River Road leads us to North Alvernon Way which takes us right to the east of the Park.  Heading west on E 22nd St will take us right to the park south Entrance.

To the Park & Critters: 101 miles

Their Park Food Policy:  “though outside food is not permitted in the Zoo, there is an air-conditioned cafe on Zoo grounds that features a variety of reasonably priced menu items. You may also choose to bring your own food and picnic in one of the many areas just outside the Zoo in Reid Park. Bottled water is always permitted in the Zoo, and is encouraged on warm days.”

Entrance fees are:  $10.50 Adult, $8.50 Seniors 62+

It will take a couple of hours to really see the park in full.

Lunch break will be:  TBA

Returning to the Valley of the Sun:  Either back on I-10 approximately 136 miles or…

Backtrack to Oracle Junction and then go to Superior by way of the 77 to Winkleman, and the 177. Then of course, riding the 60 back to Phoenix. Total of 133 miles

We’ll decide the route back at eh lunch break.

A reminder, anyone can drop out of our rides for any reason at any time and take different routes back home if they so choose. We just ask if you would post on Face Book (FB), or let the Road Captain know you are home safe, so we don’t send the Cavalry out to find you. Remember this is still the Wild Wild West out here!